January 14, 2020

Coffee & A Thankful Heart

Coffee & A Thankful Heart

One of the areas in my life I’ve recognized the need for growth is thankfulness. I am guilty of the sin of complaint, over and over.

I complain about work. I complain about politics. I complain about traffic. I complain about the weather.

And it’s not just outward complaining, either; I am far more guilty of complaining in my heart, as well. How many times have I complained against my wife or my family in my heart? Far too many, and far too often.

The Little Things

So over the last few weeks I have been trying to take note of things to be thankful for. It has been an enlightening exercise.

I started of course thanking the Lord for my family—it is a joy to share this life with them and a joy to be able to serve them. I’m thankful for the house the Lord has provided for us, the fact that we have two cars that run well, a solid church, and having my family nearby.

In my mind (and I’m not sure how I measure it), those are “big” things. What I have especially been appreciative of lately is the “little” things. I quote “big” and “little” because—as I have mentioned—I don’t know exactly how I perceive one as big and one as little, as I think each is miraculous in itself.

A Cup of Joe

Coffee. Anyone who knows me knows that I love coffee, even if I don’t drink it every day.

The other day I was sitting at my dinner table, facing the pink-orange sunrise sparkling through the icy trees in the park.

Closer at hand, steam lazily floated out of my coffee cup, spiralling at some imperceptible change in pressure a few inches above my cup.

And it struck me:

God created the world this way

Everything I truly enjoy has been conceived in the mind of God from eternity past. God created the coffee shrub, designed each coffee bean, upholds the laws that govern the roasting and brewing of coffee. He gave me the capacity to enjoy coffee.

He gave me the capacity to understand that he gave me the capacity to enjoy coffee.

When I keep all of this in mind, I am thankful, and more so because the focus moves off myself to the Lord—who He is, what He has done, and what He has promised us.

He has revealed in this universe an inexhaustible treasure of wonders that all of us recognize point to Him (Romans 1:19). Let us observe closely His creation and worship only He who created it with thankful hearts.